Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teak Garden Furniture From Environmentally Conscious Companies

Have you been looking for that special piece of teak furniture for the garden that you simply cannot find anywhere? Antex Furniture is one of the largest Teak Garden Furniture suppliers in Indonesia and we specialize in only the most alluring teak pieces available. As a member of the "GFTN" Global Forest & Trade Network, Antex Furniture is a leading exporter of the finest teak products on the market today.

Antex Furniture is a teak furniture supplier to many distributors around the world such as the US, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, and the Czech Republic. Even though we provide services to all these different countries, the customer is still the most important factor. This is why we provide very high quality teak products, to make sure all customers that are looking for pure genuine teak, can find it with a very creditable company such as ours.

What is most important about our product is to provide the highest quality teak wood, and the way we do this is by only cutting down mature trees. The trees we use are controlled by the GFTN and we abide by strict guidelines and rules to bring you such high quality. Our company doesn't believe in wasting the world's natural resources and for this reason we only use preselected woods for our projects. Other companies may use teak woods that aren't fully matured therefore they waste precious resources that are vital to our environment.

Once our teak wood is selected it is then processed and sent to our professional manufactures that create Teak Garden Furniture master pieces. These pieces include but aren't limited to Benches, Chairs, Folding chairs, Tables, Garden Sets, Sun loungers, Streamer Chairs, and Trolley carts. Our designs are unique and finished to perfection. Our company only supplies the very best quality and this can be seen in our finished work.

Our craftsmen are skilled to perfection, only producing pieces that are appealing and functional for the user. The finishes on all of our teak products are smooth and oiled to perfection. When the products are finished and ready to be shipped they are all handle with extreme care. This means, when you receive our product it comes to you just as it left our manufacturing facility. Our company's pride can be seen in every product we build, which means that you only receive the most attractive, stunning and elegant pieces assembled.

Teak Garden Furniture has been on demand for quite some time and ranges from the look and design to the sophistication of the buyer. All these things are taken into consideration and because of this we have also included a new wicker collection of indoor chairs and sofas. Most of these designs are teak however we also provide wicker made from banana tree, sea grass, and water hyacinth as well. Antex Furniture has been a proud manufacturer of teak products for many years and with our Premium Teak, Wicker, and Teak Oil collections there is something we can provide for everyone. 

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